Hi and welcome to Surfcheck. The way to check the surf.

Are you sick of driving to all your local surf spots to check the surf. With Surfcheck you can check one spot and post your own surf report. Other surfers can then score your report. This will go towards your Surfcheckers rating. This rating will go in the running to earn you great prizes.

So not only does Surfcheck get you out in the water sooner, it saves you fuel and you can earn cool surf gear. The number one Surfchecker for the year wins a surf holiday.

Surfcheck allows you to post comment, photos and video. These all add towards your Surfcheckers rating.

I developed Surfcheck to get me out in the water quicker. Im not the young grom i use to be. So i created a site that allows the keener surfers out there to post real time surf reports, by surfers, for surfers and be rewarded for their efforts.

People may think Surfcheck will increase crowds. To these nay sayers i say this, many surfers live some distance from the surf. They will go for a surf if swellnet or coastal watch says the swell size is above 2 foot. These sites do not give up to the minute reports saying that the wave has blown out, or its super crowded etc. Surfcheck will give accurate accounts of the surf, many of these surfers may not jump in the car because the surf is not perfect. Also, we give reports for every surf spot in Australia. Not the spots that we have surfcams. This may help to spread the crowds out. Honestly, Surfcheck is the modern way to check the surf, save fuel, time, money and earn prizes.

The Surfcheck app will be available next month, this app will make it even simpler.  In the app we have a Surfmates tab. Here you can create your own group of Surfmates, when you decide to head out for a surf at a specific surfspot. Click the Surfmates tab located on the Surfspot page and a notification will be sent to all your mates telling them that you are heading for a surf.

Ultimately Surfcheck, the way to check the surf.


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Surfcheck.co is your social surf community. Brining updates from the surfers in your area to you. Delivering prizes for accurate updates and interactivity. Join, share, learn and pass on information to others and even stay in touch with other surfers around the country.

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